​ Favorite Beer:​​ Free Beer
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s- 70s- 80s- 90s- 2000s- Today-
Favorite Movie: Crossroads
Favorite Book: Don't read books cause I'm a dumbs
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Siracha
Favorite Animal(s): Doggos
Favorite Pokemon: WACK! None.
Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Superior
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: ​​None, yet.

Meet The Band

​Randi Friedl

Dominic McFadden

Erin Bekkers

​Matt Wheeler

Favorite Beer:​​ Schmidt
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-The Doors,  70s- Neil Young, 80s- Stevie Ray Vaughan, 90s- Alice in Chains, 2000s- Sun Kil Moon, Today- Promise of the Real
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber, and also The Shining
Favorite Book: Star Wars Heir to the Empire
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Pineapple 
Favorite Animal(s): The Flordia fighting conch (​Strombus alatus) and cats
Favorite Pokemon: Shuckle
Celebrity Crush: Lexi Martinez
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Clarkin
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: When my old band wanted to play War Pigs, but the drummer wanted to play Living After Midnight so we stood in silence on stage.

​ Favorite Beer:​​ Spotted Cow
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s- 70s- 80s- 90s- 2000s- Today-
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite Book: Skymall
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Sauce. Just sauce.
Favorite Animal(s): Alaskan Bull Worm
Favorite Pokemon: Mew Two
Celebrity Crush: Steve Harvey
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Winnibigoshish
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: ​​

Favorite Beer:​​ Grainbelt Nordeast, & ANY Cider!
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-Janis Joplin 70s-Led Zeppelin 80s-Guns N' Roses 90s-Blink-182 2000s-Avril Lavigne, Sum 41 Today- ZZ Ward, Nothing More, Dorothy, RIVALS, Lizzo
Favorite Movie: I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, & I Am Legend
Favorite Book: Captain Underpants (Cole & I can't read)
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Anything! But literally anything with green olives and banana peppers
Favorite Animal(s): Keystone (my dog), Turtles of any kind, and Jellyfish
Favorite Pokemon: Ninetails, & Bulbasaur
Celebrity Crush: Jonny Hawkins (of Nothing More) & Luke Kilpatrick (of Parkway Drive)
Favorite MN Lake: Hands down, Mille Lacs Lake. North Side!!
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: My god. To pick one.. Come to our show. Watch closely and I'll probably mess up at least once. I'm always so focused on the crowd! I fell on stage once. The band can never let that down. They literally thought I was having a seizure.