Cole Guimont

Vinny Olmsted


Randi Rae friedl


Favorite Beer:​​ Free Beer 
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-The Rolling Stones 70s-Lynyrd Skynyrd 80s-Metallica 90s-Pearl Jam 2000s-Queens of the Stone Age Today- Cage the Elephant
Favorite Movie: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Favorite Book: Fahrenheit 451
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni Sausage Bacon
Favorite Animal(s): Cats and Dogs
Favorite Pokemon: Kadabra
Celebrity Crush: Dave Grohl
Favorite MN Lake: Pelican Lake
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: At my High School talent show the other guitar players amp got unplugged in the middle of the song.

Favorite Beer:​​ Grainbelt Nordeast, & ANY Cider!

Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-Janis Joplin 70s-Led Zeppelin 80s-Guns N' Roses 90s-Blink-182 2000s-Avril Lavigne, Sum 41 Today- ZZ Ward, Nothing More, Dorothy, RIVALS

Favorite Movie: I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, & I Am Legend

Favorite Book: Captain Underpants (Cole & I can't read)

Ideal Pizza Toppings: Anything! But literally anything with green olives and banana peppers

Favorite Animal(s):Keystone (my dog), Turtles of any kind, and Jellyfish

Favorite Pokemon: Ninetails, & Bulbasaur

Celebrity Crush: Jonny Hawkins (of Nothing More) & Luke Kilpatrick (of Parkway Drive)

Favorite MN Lake: Hands down, Mille Lacs Lake. North Side!!

Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: My god. To pick one.. Come to our show. Watch closely and I'll probably mess up at least once. I'm always so focused on the crowd! I fell on stage once. The band can never let that down. They literally thought I was having a seizure. 

Erin Bekkers

​​​​What do you get when you combine 4 stellar dudes, 1 sassy chick, and a sexy Chrysler Town & Country? Only one of the best, up and coming rock bands in the mid-west, Midwest Mayhem!

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, the Midwest Mayhem van has been blasting through the North-Metro since 2013. All 5 members come from diverse musical backgrounds, displaying contrasting styles and genres. They cover songs that range from Black Stone Cherry, Pat Benatar, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sam and Dave, to Miranda Lambert, as well as Michael Jackson, Maroon 5 and many more! With all members being in their early 20’s, the Midwest Mayhem crew delivers an irreplaceable sound while being notorious for their ability to entertain with so much energy that even the energizer bunny can’t keep up! Their ultimate goal at every show is to get people off their ass and making them dance! And with this much mayhem, it is hard not to get crazy!
Midwest Mayhem has performed throughout Minnesota, as well as Wisconsin. Playing venues and festivals such as: Moondance Jam 26', ShotGun Sally's,The Park-MN, The Doghouse, Maxx Bar, Zimmerman's Wild West Days, The Pourhouse, and many more! Their new EP, “Back to Reality”, was released on September 4th, 2015, followed by a show and after party at The Pourhouse, in Minneapolis. 

Dominic McFadden

Favorite Beer:​​ Spotted Cow
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s- 70s- 80s- 90s- 2000s- Today-
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite Book: Skymall
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Sauce. Just sauce.
Favorite Animal(s): Alaskan Bull Worm
Favorite Pokemon: Mew Two
Celebrity Crush: Steve Harvey
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Winnibigoshish
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: 

Favorite Beer:​​ Grolsch

Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-The Beatles 70s Elvis Costello and the Attractions- 80s-The Replacements 90s-Elliott Smith 2000s-Sun Kil Moon Today-Mac DeMarco
Favorite Movie: Blue Velvet
Favorite Book: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Hot Italian Sausage and Green Olives with extra sauce cooked to well done.
Favorite Animal(s): Platypus
Favorite Pokemon: Magikarp
Celebrity Crush: Milana Vayntrub. The girl from the AT&T commercials.
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Alice in Fergus Falls. It's like 25% water.
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: In high school I totally choked on my sax solo in front of the entire school. 

Favorite Beer:​​ Schmidt
Favorite Bands/Artists: 60s-The Doors,  70s- Neil Young, 80s- Stevie Ray Vaughan, 90s- Alice in Chains, 2000s- Sun Kil Moon, Today- Promise of the Real
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber, and also The Shining
Favorite Book: Star Wars Heir to the Empire
Ideal Pizza Toppings: Pineapple 
Favorite Animal(s): The Flordia fighting conch (​Strombus alatus) and cats
Favorite Pokemon: Shuckle
Celebrity Crush: Lexi Martinez
Favorite MN Lake: Lake Clarkin
Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage: When my old band wanted to play War Pigs, but the drummer wanted to play Living After Midnight so we stood in silence on stage.